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Atex Interlocked switch socket outlets - Dust

This is a series of 16A, 32A, 63A and 125A interlocked sockets for installation in environments with a potential risk of explosion identified as zone 22 (dust) which fall under the area of application of the Atex Directive (European Directive 94/9/EC), compliant with the standards EN61241-0 and EN61241-1.

Type of protection:
Ex II 3D - Ex tD A22 IP66 T90°C
Ta -25°C +60°C.

ADVANCE GRP Switched Interlocked socket outlets are available in the following versions:

With switch-disconnector
With switch-disconnector and fuse

atex interlocked switch socket outlet - ex
atex certified interlocked socket outlet
Ex interlocked socket

- Ample space for easy wiring
2 - Switch-disconnector with mechanical lock that can be accessorized with auxiliary contacts
3 - Easily extractable support
4 - Outdoor wall fastening
5 - Under-plate cable runway
6 - Threaded metal inserts
7 - Possibility for pluginserted control microswitch assembly

8 - Single-piece waterproof gasket
- Dual mechanical lock as required by the ATEX Directive
10 - High-strength material with superior UV and chemical resistance
11 - Ergonomic knob which can be padlocked in position 0 and 1, manoeuvrable even with gloves
12 - Fuse inspection door, tamperproof, lockable, with assisted opening
13 - Cover entirely separate from the base for easy installation
14 - Captive stainless steel closing screws
15 - An electronic device controls (Intelligence Device) the status of the interlocked
socket, monitoring the electrical functionality:

Item code -
without fuse carrier
Item code -
with fuse carrier
Voltage Flange Rated
1683 1683-F 200-250V 130X260MM_PAR 16A 2P+E
1686 1686-F 380-415V 130X260MM_PAR 16A 3P+E
1687 1687-F 346-415V 130X260MM_PAR 16A 3P+N+E
3283 3283-F 200-250V 130X260MM_PAR 32A 2P+E
3286 3286-F 380-415V 130X260MM_PAR 32A 3P+E
3287 3287-F 346-415V 130X260MM_PAR 32A 3P+N+E
6383 6383-F 200-250V 170X380MM_PAR 63A 2P+E
6386 6386-F 380-415V 170X380MM_PAR 63A 3P+E
6387 6387-F 346-415V 170X380MM_PAR 63A 3P+N+E

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